01 September 2010

Our Little Nest

almost everyday i've thought about how our dream house will looks like..
but i came to fear that they will soon be forgotten once we need them..
so i've decided to recall bit by bit what we've agreed on or fought over,
and compile them here and tag them under 'dream house'
i've never used the labels app before, but i'll start with this dream house project...

so firstly, the concept..(this isnt something we could easily forget though)
we've agreed to have 'rumah kayu tradisional'
we know kayu-kayan are soooo expensive
but we have to work towards it
i've suggested to have surrounding patio all around the house with classic 'kekisi angin'
almost like the old istana but it's not as high as that
i dont know whether other ppl could imagine it or not but i've been longing for it for a looong time
i think the patio is great for my kids to get their fresh air but still under the shed and comfort of a heaven.
it will also give our house the cooling effect because the sun will not directly hit our walls/windows.
but encik.paih pointed out that the patio could not fully surround the house because obviously our rooms should not be that open...
maybe only 3/4 of the house will be circumscribed by the patio
i will have some cozy couches in certain spot to be with my kids while they do their drawings, colourings, etc
i'll also have some pertunia-like plants hanging at every post/pillar..

this istana is not exactly like what i wanted
but the surrounding patio is what i'm pointing at.. 

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