19 May 2010

motivating monday...

i had a great monday this week...i was really2 lucky that i always said before..everything's unpredictable and u really have to pray hard for good things.. usually there will be silence of awkwardness everytime i reached the staff base in the morning..there will be nothing to do...i'll pretend to look for patient for myself on the computer and etc.. but suddenly Colin, the consultant,  greeted me and asked me to follow him.. i tagged along while he attended an asthmatic patient..then i volunteered to cannulate and take bloods from the patient.. luckily the director was in front of the cubicle when i was going in and out the at least he saw me doing stuff.. (that's all 5th yr are about..sucking up and pretend: p) 
after i finished with that asthmatic patient, i warmed myself up with few history taking (which i rarely do even though i'm in ED)...then i pretended to be busy in front of the doctors (when in fact i was doing nothing except for going back and forth looking for patients) i managed to stay until ~3pm (quite an achievement since i usually sneaked out at ~2pm :p)..then my partner told me that he's leaving soon because he's gonna catch 3.15pm bus.. so i thought i should just wait until he's gone in case he ask for a ride to the station..dont get me wrong, i dont mind at all to even drive him to his home but not this driving is not smooth these 2weeks because i stupidly fueled my car with 95petrol to its 'fulltank'.. my engine is really manja..she will be nicer if i feed her with 98petrol (v-power) which is way way more expensive..
back to the point, i waited until about 3.30pm kot..then i quietly took my bag and TRIED to sneak out through a small corridor, hoping that i wont be seen leaving that early by any i confidently walked out, one of the nice consultant who i worked with in the morning saw me..he was being nice by giving way to me..then suddenly i heard from my back 'can u stitch?'..i wasnt really sure whether he was talking to me or not...then i smiled n just replied 'never tried one...are u going to stitch someone? can i tag along?'...wuaaaaa bestnyeee......then i quickly put my bag down again and get ready for the excitement...i know it's not a big deal for other students in other hospital..but in The Angliss, these chances dont come that often... i thought i'm only gonna watch the consultant stitching him up..but then he asked me 'what size of glove are u sarah?'..wuaaa....bestnyeeee.... i helped him!!!!!! eventhough i did only 2 stitiches out of 7 in total... but at least i stayed for something...i've watched doctor's stitching before this but there were never ideal situation where the doctor could let student do's either because the patient is a kid who couldnt tolerate suturing or the wound is too complex...but this time, i was really2 lucky i guess..

then it's already ~4.30pm..woweee...never stayed that long except for tutes... then as i walked out tfrom he stitching room, one of the resident saw me and said 'i'm doing a manipulation in a few minutes if u wanna watch..'...OMG! sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga (in a positive way)...ofcourse i'll say yes.. so i waited to watch LAMP (local anaesthetic for manipulation and plaster) procedure, using Bier's block..i've seen one before but this kind of thing will never bore me...suddenly i became so reflective..i thought it's soo good to be in's quite a small hospital..fairly small ED..all the doctors know who u are and they are all willing to do anything for u.. as i'm not attached to any doctors, i am free to see and do as i please.. so i've always been greedy by tagging along with a few doctors at the same time.. since it's a small ED, i guess i could see everything that's happening..i'll always be called if there's any defibrillation, LAMP..and the other day the intern was so nice to call me whenever she's gonna catheterise any patients when she knew that i've never done one.. 

BUT...the luckiness doesnt usually last long..i wasnt very lucky was quite a quiet day for me..even though i planned to take history from an interesting patient, i was being held up with another stitching...i didnt stitch this time..i assisted the intern..but i was so happy because it was my own effort to chase that patient and asked the consultant whether i could tag along or not...knowing me to be so not proactive and timid, asking for opportunities is quite a big thing ok!.

and i'm praying for a better tomorrow..ya Allah..semoga esok lg byk peluang pembelajaran untukku..dan semoga dapat buat MCR satu lg esok..then i'll be fine.. the director mentioned that he's passing us already..he even offered to do the reference thing..but i dont need one.


bUL4N said...

sy dok pnoh tgk lg bier's block!!mase jd houseman kat msia kene blajo aa wat mende tuh, jd MO kene wat sediri doh..

s a r a h said...

awok terer doh manage patient on ur own..saye dok pnoh manage sendiri pon patient...tagging je sokmo..amik history jarang sekali..incompetent gile!!