18 May 2010

lately i've always asked myself
'am i narcicistic?'
i know i talked too much about myself
but that's because i cant stop talking
but i think some ppl had it enough from me
i'm not suprised if someone actually say
'pls la sarah, why does everything has to be about u?'
(hopefully never la kan) 
i've been restraining myself quite hard not to write about myself
but my entries ended up on my life, still..
when i read good blogs of other ppl, i envied them
they could write interesting things that need not to be all about themselves
even if they are telling about their life, there were actually points to be ponder upon
for eg: if i'm about to write about a patient i met
i write about how i feel about them
how clucky i was seeing them bla bla bla
but other ppl my write it differently
they might see different side of the encounter with the patient
from now on, i'll try harder not to be sooo 'it's all about me'
i wanna write solid things
to show that my brain does work on other things apart from love!

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