19 August 2008


effah sgt sweet..
tgh2 cbt td dpt sms dr effah
'i can see ur tingkap from here'
hm..i'm wondering where was she..
i've never spotted any view of our house from the hospital.
effah2 my sweetie2 pie..

waaaa pacik td sgt menakutkan.
osamah jahat!
bile sush tanye 'who's volunteering?'
he coughed my name.. ngoks!
it was good though bcoz no harm done at all.
in fact he did something good for me.
lupe, happy birthday osamah~
u r a big boy now. 20th bday wasnt fun, was it?!

oh abt that pakcik, he had just been diagnosed with huntington's disease,
which is a rare neurological disease affecting the movements primarily, and could lead to dementia and mental disturbances. it was sth hereditary.
his mother and sister died from it, and he was so scared to have a test.
he lived with that chorea for months... lucky for us to have him,
it's not something that we will see in and out everyday.
i was sooo semput doing neuro exam on him because of the chorea.
luckily sush ticked me in the 'proficient' box for the xm. thanx sush!

mode : ngantuk tp tanak tdo dulu sbb byk keje tp tk buat2 gak lg

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