25 August 2008

di kesibukan

effah deserve an entry from me.
she's been sooo swweeet lately (all this while, to be honest)..
and just now her status caught my attention
'i'm happy when u r happy',
seriously i didnt know that it was meant for me,
i tot it was her other MrX's story etc.
then she said 'ikhlasnye, it's for u'.
hmmm... sooo flattered.
yah, it's true that i'm happy, but it's not like something other people really care about.
but she does care!
and i felt really honored to be the one she turned to when she needs somebody.
i am the one she turned to when she had weird dreams.
i am the one she turned to when she felt lonely.
at least that's what i think.
and the other big thing bout her is that..
her vista sidebar for ym contact is me.
sooo sweeeet la u effahkusyg!
i donno if my entry sounds like i'm bragging abt myself for being soo loved by effah,
but i just feel like pouring it somewhere.
she mms-ed me her pic before she sleeps ok!

i know u'll be happy too, someday...
just remember what shape i was in last few months..
then u'll know there's always the brightest light at the end of the tunnel, dear.
(or at least i feel like he's the brightest light la).

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