28 October 2006

too much studying is really not good for me~
i cud be insane
but a pt to be argued is.. have i really studied too much??
i shud say i b honest.
how can u have too much study when u can finised hundreds of drama episodes??
to do some maths.. 1 episode = approx 1hr
1 series = approx 15 episodes
5 series = 1 x 15 x 5 = how many hours have i wasted??
that's if i watched 5series, while the fact is i have loss count the series i watched.
but obvioulsy more than 5!
okay, put it more positively, the time is not wasted but just not being used more productively.
sleeping could aslo be productive bcoz u could wake up fresh n move on with life effectively after that.
so i've sacrificed hundreds of hours on the drama.
the justification is - i need refreshements n i cant sleep without them.
whatever la sarah, let bygone be gone.
but, i think today i'm gonna watch 3 more fullhouse !!
just hoping that it wont affect my results~
hmm.. rethink bout it, how can u tawakkal when ur usaha is not enough
but how do u know u had usaha enough??
~jgn mengeluh~

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