20 October 2006

okay, havent done any reading yet today =(
missed imaging lecture - overslept.
pcl was so damn bored but ok more informational than with susan.
last sem's pcl party is so much more fun.
but elliot's cake was ok.only that it's too sweet.
the interview was ok.
didnt prepare anything for it, so hentam je.
but, only at this pt realised that 'city of monash' isn't suitable for me.
i din like working in the office like that.
i want more hands-on. i mean not in the project.
i tot cpp will just b like CAS.
but it is definitely not~
i really wanna go on the field.
meals on wheels, respite care, home care~they all sounds interesting.
i dont wanna be the one in the office working out the plan.
i just wanna be out there caring for them
focus group ~ our next yr's project. whoa, really not my thing~
i can imagine that i'm really gonna hate it.
tuesday will b a nitemare.
okeh2, good part.
went to the glen.
cant be helped. spent.
but it's for the good cause.
purse for my Tok $65~hope Tok will like it~genuine handcrafted leather tuh Tok~
bought 'cakes&sponges' book ^_^
jgn hangat2 taik ayam nk wat kek ye.
also bought 2 nike cute little backpack~light blue n light pink~sgt cute
lastly, bought auto umbrella~pink~
ops, not to forget, deliciously thick raisin toast~
nantuks~really worried that i didnt spent much time on study.
tomorrow afternoon need to go out to clayton.
need sarawan.chicken.
also wanna have a good morning sleep (read : don wanna wake up too early. 10 or 11 is fine. u r too much la sarah).. but the prob is, i'll get stressed out every time after i woke up that late. but the fact is that i really love that sleep. sleeping in the morning is one of the most precious nikmat that i have to thank to Allah.
raye~i'm not really in the mood to celebrate.
okeh, truth : i wanna celebrate it but not here n now.
i cant wait to be back at home~raye~
heaps more studying need to be done.
weekly lecture notes, epidemiology, anatomy, pharmacology neal, ken jones n craig

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