30 October 2006

2 days before exam

i received a shocking news last nite.adi involved in an accident a day before raya.he's still in ICU. cant open his eyes n cant talk. he's in critical condition.quite worried about him but cant do anything besides doa. worried about jun as well.she didnt sleep last nite after the news till subuh.she was crying all nite.i cant think of anything to console her.i knew that i'm not good at it. but i'll always be there for her if she needs anything.worried about her coz she cant concentrate on studying.the exam will be on the day after tomorrow. i went to library alone today,thinking of getting jun kebab.i know she wouldnt eat anything.but i bought nasi instead bcoz kebab's stall was closed. went to jun's room. i know i have nothing to say, but i just want to keep her company. just listen to whatever she wanna say. it was just like the cerpen2 i read.. but in the cerpen the hero will fully recovered at last. i hope for that cerpen-like ending for adi n jun. they are besfrens. nobody wanna lose the besfren,rite. i will also b like jun if i'm in jun's shoes. nauzubillah.
at the library... desks in the quite study area are all occupied. hurrm... monashians become nerdies ^_^. so i just take a seat at the desk in front of the group-study room. i can see the ppl going to the end side of the library where i always sit. and.... suddenly....huhuhu.. kakak-tok-nyang passed by... hurmm, i was wondering whether tok-nyang was also in the library.n wondering whether i overlooked him at that end-side of the library... after enough wondering, i moved on with my studies. there's still alot to do!! this sem's craig hassed's, revisit muscles n pharmaco , ian's MSE... and again, suddenly, kakak-tok-nyang walked pass in front of me.. i was looking at her n she saw me.. she waved her hand.. said hi.. n i waved back.. i tot she'll just gonna leave but... she came to my desk n ask how i'm going... then she said she's doing the pharmaco n 'that's not very exciting'.. yeah, pharmaco isnt very exciting when exam is just 2 days away... she said good luck before she left.. hmmm... it's weird how she can affect me although she's only the 'kakak'.. ^_^ chaiyo2!!!

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