31 August 2005

from the window of my room

as usual, merdeka means nothing to me..maybe there's a sense of guilt in my tone coz i'm not supposed to b this not-patriotic..i'm supposed to have a very strong spirit of malaysianism as i'll b leaving soon..[hope it's soon]..i never had any intention to go out for merdeka celbration..i hate the sesak2 n himpit2 n asap2[of coz ppl smokes] n all..i dont understand how those ppl can stand the heat n all, but maybe they got the spirit kot..yeah,not like me..but i still think that there's nothing wrong with this spiritless attitude.
o i'll cont later..
yeah..aku cont mase aku tgh tulis2 nih, lupe plak ade lovestoryinharvard..yeah, i wont miss it slagi bole..act, nuthing much for this entry, but just wanna share sum new experience of mine..last nite, mase sume org riuh n kecok smbut merdeka, i was just in here tgk tv..n kutuk2 all the r, merdeka, tp cam ntah ape ltak shows yg busan n lgsg tak reflect our independence..but suddenly dgr cam satu explosion..ya, lupe plak adik ade kate kat dataran dara tuh ade sambutan wat countdown..n ade fireworks..n cpat2 aku kuar umah nak tgk bunga api tuh..yeah, untung dok kat bdr kecik nih, everything is just at ur doorstep..but to have a clearer view of the fireworks[as there were big trees in front plus i'm wearing baju tido yg sparuh], we rushed to our bedroom n we cud watch the fireworks just from there..i dono la, but suddenly aku cam pk, untungnye dpt tgk kali nih..maybe this experience is more wotrhwhile dr kalo aku bersesak2 anywhere ngan reramai..yeah, sgt sonok to tgk bunga api with just wearing ur baju tido kan??then aku sambung with my net surfing n wait up for my mum[she's so tired, sian..jd host mmg tak mudah]..then i watched desperate housewives..the latenite rerun..pecaye atau tidak, that's da 1st time aku tgk cite tuh..n i was sticked to it. i can accept that show. but there's an impact to my mind bile tgk cite tuh..aku cam decide sumthing inappropriate bile tgk cite tuh..sbb seriously cite tuh wat aku rase nak idup single jek forever..but nauzubillah la..aku kan pnah dgr ''jgn meminta yg bukan2 kerana kita tak tahu adakah itu baik utk kite''.
then ade rerun tru calling plak tp aku tak tunggu coz dah kol 2 pg n lgpon aku dah tgk episod tuh ptg tu.i'm not supposed to just sit n apal all the intisari tv kan?aku spatutnye dok doa n zikir kat Allah..aku spatutnye perbanyakkan ''YaHayyu Ya Qayyum'' ngan ''Rabbi Yassir wala tuassir''..i tried..n i will.

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