25 April 2017

My Payday Shopping Cart

you know, i'm easily amused with trivial things
i find myself smiling ear to ear when i put the detergent into the shopping cart
i can spend hours household cleaning aisles 
i spent almost half an hour just to choose 'the best' laundry detergent
not that i have a pathological OCD personality that requires a tough cleaning job,
but i just enjoyed it
eh, i was actually going to write about these plates

i am really really pleased with my purchase today
self-reward on my pay day
(no, i can't afford to reward myself with luxurious stuffs)
but these gentle-on-pocket purchase is all that i need

i've always had my eyes on these dinner set at the department store..
some of the patterns are very classic,
but i'm not a fan of them because it's easily chipped, and heavy.
but i do want their loose piece to add onto my collection of serving dish/plates.

and omg omg, they had this on SALE today!
loose piece, for RM5 each!!!
i grabbed a pair for each pattern.
and one day they will add up on my dream 'Plate Wall'

i know they are nothing now
but they'll be my antiques later, telling my stories.
i've shared this quote before..

"Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love"

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