19 April 2017

My 15-year-old Promise to Myself

when I was 17, we had a school trip to Taman Negara Kuala Tahan, Pahang.
it was kind of a reward for the students who managed to get into the Dean's list for certain numbers of semester..
even then, i really think it was a great way of celebrating the students,
not by merely giving  medals or certificates etc 
so, there we went!
i think i had the time of my life in Taman Negara
2-3 hour ride on the boat along the river from Kuala Tembeling to Kuala Tahan
it was really like the touristy pictures you saw on the calendars or posters,
the water level was so near to you that you can touch the water,
and of course feel the splashes!

and the canopy walking was spectacular!!!
and at that moment, 15 years ago, i made a promise
'i will come back here with my loved ones'
be it my partner, or my family,
i just want to share the view with someone dear to me

and, last week, WWF-Malaysia shared this picture on the Instagram
i know it was not from Taman Negara Pahang,
but the view was something so familiar
i think i used up half a roll of the Kodak film on capturing that sight
(and our generation surely knows how precious a photo snap was, you can't delete it, you can't preview it, just a snap of luck)

and, I realised that it's about time to keep my promise
i've laid out a 3 days 2 nights itinerary for us,
insyaAllah, will be in Kuala Tahan National Park this Syawal

**these 2 last photos was Google-d** 
(i used them to bait Paih to agree on my plans..hehe)

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