26 August 2015

The First Week.. Let's see..

as expected, rancangan saya untuk update my daily meals kat sini tergantung sahaja
susah jugak sebab saya bercita-cita tinggi, plan nak upload siap bergambar semua kan..

so sebelum terlambat, saya cuba recall balik semua meal sejak Day 1 sebaik mungkin

Day 1 - Thursday 20th August 2015
Breakfast - telur rebus ngan milk tea with honey
Lunch - nasi with ayam bakar with salads
Dinner - salads with tuna
fruits - nectarine + dried prunes

Day 2- Friday 21st August 2015
Breakfast - Tesco swiss-style Muesli - tatahu pon ape beza swiss style dengan yg lain 
Lunch - Salads and tuna 
Dinner - tak ingat
fruits - nectarine + dried prunes + figs + apricots + blueberries

Day 3 - Saturday 22nd August 2015
i missed my 'before breakfast' Mistry's drink mix sebab berkejar nak catch early train to Southampton pukul 5 pagi - sangat kecewa sebab saya dan pre-mixed them sebelum tidur
Breakfast - Tortilla warp with roasted chicken with salads
Lunch - Nasi Lemak with rendang ayam - sangat sangat sedap Papa masak
(excuse the lemak sebab sekali sekala berjalan kan)
Dinner - Garlic nann with chicken curry
Fruits - dried prunes and figs + oranges 
snacks : kuih raya ..hehe..
and tidak dapat melawan nafsu saya minum the sugar-laden mango 'juice'
and saya tak dapat menolak Chocolate bar kerana benda depan mata ..huhuhu kecewa..
tapi saya makan 6kotak kecik tu je :p
and missed 'before bed' Royal Jelly in Honey with Hot Milk

Day 4 - Sunday 23rd August 2015
Breakfast - Toast bread with tuna and curry
Lunch - 'Turkish' rice with chicken + salads
Dinner - tak igt - swetcorn on the cobs bakar (from frozen)
Fruits - tak ingat 

Day 5 - Monday 24th August 2015
Breakfast - Muesli with hotmilk
Lunch - tak ingat - 
Dinner - nasi and serunding kot
Fruits : blueberries + nectarine + plum

Day 6 - Tuesday 25th August 2015
Breakfast - Muesli with hot milk
Lunch - chickpeas with tuna and salads
Dinner - Chicken Briyani --> can't resist sebab rasa lapar sebab lunch sepatutnya dengan nasi and kesian Paih tak makan nasi lagi sepanjang hari 
Fruits - blueberries, nectarine, dried prunes

even though the menus are not perfect, but at least it was waayyy better than our meals before this
we are finding a hard time to resist sugary drinks and heavy dinner
sometimes it was just irresistable because of the timing .. 
the menus looks simple but it demands a lot of our rush hours to prepare them so that I wont end up buying outside foods.
just think about preparing a salad for my lunchbox..i need to heat up my milk for breakfast while washing all the vegies and cut them into small pieces and some of them need steaming etc 
then packing..
and for dinner, we are so tempted to just ignore the salad preparation  and just eat whatever

that's it so far..
how long this will last i'm not too sure, but just let us keep an optimistic mind this time..

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