21 August 2015

New Journey

So on monday I went to this small pharmacy on my way to the train station from the hospital...
I was so attracted with the wide range of herbal and natural products on its shelves
and great selections of organic health foods as well..
and there's one man asked me for any help,
he looked old and 'knowledgeable'
so i told him what i was looking for
he told me that he opens 'clinic session' every Wednesday afternoon 
so there I went!

i told him my problem and he started scribbling a lots of things on a piece of A4 paper..
he listed down the 'suggested' daily meal plan for me..
and most of the things are in consistent with my scientific readings..
 he added few supplements if i'm interested..
and I decided to give the plan a try

i've integrated his meal plan with my other sources. 
so here I am on Day 2 of the Healthy Eating 
i planned to track my journey by updating this blog with what i had ..

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