12 January 2012

The Girl in The Past

as i went through all my boxes and bags,
i realised there's soooo much memories to be just ignored and left wilting away under the stairs or under other bunches of worldly possessions that used to be part of us
then another dream sparked!
i think..i need to talk paih into buying us a nice white/solid wood cupboard
or display cabinets
so that i can rearranged my life on the shelves
seriously, i cant just let all my cute flowery notebooks, souvenirs and what not, dumped there
ok, 1stly, where should we start our search?
i dont wanna try the Ghazali Perabot or anything like that
hmm, maybe i shud try the kedai cine with the 2nd hand furniture from singapore
their woods are very solid and smart

the other day we went to search for something to put our new TV on
there's this one nice long cabinets with unique small drawers
it's pinewoood!
but the only think that's holding us is it's too tegap to be transferred to our 'penthouse'
tak mampu kot org nak angkat melepasi selekoh kat tangga umah tuh
so we passed! :(
but this time i'll start searching more seriously

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