14 January 2012


loook look at my muscle and fat of my arms..
i've stopped weighing myself since like 5 months ago
i'm sooo in denial
i'm sooo stressed with this
but..Ya Allah, let this be the 'before' picture of me
i really wanna trim off some of the extras
the weird thing is, even though i ate a lot,
really A LOT!, but i've always ate that much previously
why now they became the accessories?
and..i'm not that 'sitting around goyang kaki' at work
we rarely could even sit!!
i walked like almost all day long - all day means can be up to 24 hours..
whyyyy whyy even that cant burn up all the extra calories?
soo we've decided to invest on something

i cerewet..nak bli threadmill kene bli tv..
sbb tanak bosan mase tgh lari..
so akhirnye we've turned the living room upstairs into our 'little penthouse'
it's very convenient
but..will the work-out be effective if...
i ate NASI at 12mn then went to sleep straight away (it happened all the time)
i ate 2bungkus of nasi for lunch (it happend most of the time)
i indulged in chocolate A BAR at one go (i try to make it not happen, but failed)

all these unhealthy lifestyles cant be helped anymore
i've always find good excuses to make it sounds fair ;p
i ate at 12mn after work because i cant go to sleep with perut kosong, i'll be sedih with perut kosong
i ate 2 bungkus of nasi with extra kuih muih to get enegy for next task, so that i can be more active to run here and there at work
i ate chocolates because i like it and i said that i dont wanna be sad by abstaining myself from the pleasure of life (yes, choc is one of the pleasure of life).. times i cant even look at the person in the mirror..
it's too depressing :(
seriously depressed with my weight..

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