19 July 2011

the bipolar me

this is the hopeful face i had on my first day of working
the smile that i think i would never ever had again
being a doctor is not that bad
but i dont think i can become the person i was before

i've never made du'a about my path in medicine before
i think i should start today

(i already greeted those tudungs byebye right after i finished tagging, now i officially use tudung bibik ariani full time utk keje, time lain masih tudung biasa)
even the most garang registrar noticed them

registrar: aik sarah, mu tukar pakai tudung2 gini doh lening
me: hehe, abis je tagging terus saye g borong kat ariani (sambil tersengih)
registrar: jd HO mmg dokdang mu nok pikir lilit2 doh

registrar yg garang itu awal2 je garang ngan saye
pastuh die tak senyum pon saye tau die suke saye :D hahaha perasan
tp saye tau die mmg jenis ego kot takle org tau die baik
kene gak ckp garang2 kasar2 kan 
tp rahsienye adelah sengih je die ckp ape2 pon
sengih je kalo die marah ape2 pon
 dulu2 tgk die dlm lift pon saye dh cuak gile sbb die nk ckp ape2 pon mmg menengking

registrar itu : sarah! mu g mane?
me: g radiology..
registrar itu: hmm...

ade lg time2 lain mase oncall same2 yg die saje je buat bunyi mendengus bile tgk saye
sbb die takle nk greet org elok2 kot
die pusing2 kan mata die mase tengok saye
tp from her reaction and order2 sume tuh i think she likes me :D
she even convinced me to take medical
tp sorry, never kot!
i like medical tp not with that environment
and i'm not that confident anyway.

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