01 March 2009

morning grieve

i'm still's so happened that i couldnt get myself out of bed without tuuuttt.but a few lines dropped in the middle of the night did calm me a bit (or did it make the longing worse??). i've always decided not to include this mushy2 keR*****n in my blog for ever.but i cant help it. i woke up at half-past-11 then had nothing to do except for ruminating about how not in the mood i am to do the editing job. n i'm still contemplating about the nasi lemak. shud i or shudnt i?the only argument against it is it's 'berLEMAK'.. and i might sleep for the whole day then..but..i did sleep for the whole day even without nasi lemak.

why is everything soooo depressing. act, it's just the-domino-effect. they fall on each other and finally did a catastrophic damage to my mood! it started with the essay-thing kot. or is it the r***** part? fell like want to get under my quilt and sleep for the whole day, aGAIN!

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