28 March 2009


sedang saye 5-minute break (kononnye)..saye terjumpe satu artikel nih yg mule2 merisaukan saye .. artikel nih ckp psl long distane relationship..die ckp org yg bahagia dlm LDR nih sbb diorg idealise sume bende..and diorg takde same2 mase ups and downs of their partner.. so sume nmpak positive.. pastuh die ckp this false reality akan jd masalah bile pasangan LDR ini kembali bersama kerana ia tidak lah seperti yg disangka..

Distance prevents partners from learning about each other’s negative qualities--potentially creating an overly positive impression. The relationship may be happy and stable while apart, but this false reality can become quite disappointing once back together

penat aa saye dupdapdupdap kan sbb sblum nih punye laa cam syok2 pk LDR kitorg takde problem kan.. dupdapdupdap aa kalo2 sbnrnye ia adalah tipu belaka. hahahah.. kemudian di ujung2 artikel tuh baru la die ckp...

Researchers have also suggested that long distance relationships have a better chance of lasting if you can increase the quality as well as the frequency of interactions...Make sure to talk about everything, just as you would if you saw your partner every day. This may also be a time to explore non-physical intimacy. When unable to be physically close, you and your partner need to develop other more creative and unique ways to become intimate. Partners that take active and conscious strives to get know each other will have a more realistic perception of their relationship, and will make their long distance relationships LAST!

dh tk dupdapdupdap lgsg dh.. ek eleh..tuh je ke die nk ckp.. hahahahahaha.. poyo aa artikel nih menervouskanku.. we're fine kan kan? we're more than fine kott :p hahahaha.. bukan as if u saw ur partner everyday lg dh .. dh jd as if u live with ur partner dh nye haa..

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