15 February 2017

6th Anniversary!!!

saya terfikir nak sambutan yang jenis low-key tapi romantik dan bermakna
because no expensive dinner would ever be enough for our celebration.
lantas terfikir ade tak tempat melihat lampu di lereng bukit, overlooking the city..
the only place people suggested was this Bukit Ampang.
i liked the view.
but i didn't like how it was turned into 'warung-warung tepi jalan'.
cacao view!
tak romantic.
ingatkan nak spend time duduk-duduk makan ice cream.
memang tak la !!

but we had a great time anyway!

Happy Anniversary Sayang!!
words are not enough to describe how lucky we are.
we are best friends.
we are soulmates.
we are everything to each other.

i still remember how i've realised small little things i was thankful for when we first got married.
i was thankful for having you who filled in the water bucket for me every morning.
i was thankful for having you who massaged my legs when i got pins and needles.
i was thankful for having you who would do anything for me.
and now we are already six!!

my anniversary project for this year is still on its way.

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