31 August 2016

Saya takkan pernah melupakanmu, my Whisper

setiap perkara baru berlaku dalam hidup saya, saya akan terfikir
'hmm nak cerita dalam blog la'..
tp sebab tk convenient nak buat entry dari mobile app, jadi tertangguh-tangguh..
guns laptop almost everyday, tapi gambar-gambar banyak dal am phone plan kan..

another dilemma is,
'am i sharing too much of my feeling?'
'what if random people judge me? people who don't really know me'

tapi, saya memang jenis full of emotions and expressions
sometimes my head is too heavy with things to think and say
sampai adik-adik kata 'u nih semua bende pon ade nak komen'

no i'm not a complainer,
but i have something to say about everything
if i like something, i will go on and on positively about it
the same goes if i find something not to my likings, i will go on and on criticising it

so, can my blog be the place where i put down all my feelings and thinkings?
you have been with me for a decade

a decade full of love

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