25 May 2016

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang

i have googled around to look for the best 'birthday speech for husband', but i realised that what comes out from my own mind might mean more to you... I will crack my head every year to think of the annual surprise for your birthday as i believed that it should be something you made on your own and not something that you can give on any other days..

i can't remember the birthday project i made for him on our first year, 2008..hmmm what was it? and i  stitched a meticulous cross-stitch project for him in 2009..2010 i made him a recipe scrapbook, compiling all his favourite foods with pictures of my attempts in making them..  2011, i was a mess! just started my horsemanship, so did nothing.. 2012 - i made a special cake for him in addition to my craftwork bedsheets project.. 2013 onwards, i can't remember, hmmmm...

so for this year, i've prepared just a simple surprise, waiting for him to come back on Friday (i haven't updated about our long-distance relationship yet).. and i'm planning for a healthy option of birthday cake.. can't wait to see how it turns out soon!!

and my mum were confused and asked 'ni birthday tahun ape ni? tahun cina ke tahun india?' because we had quite a few milestones to celebrate each year, birthday hijrah la birthday mash la, anniversary bercinta la, anniversary bertunang la, anniversary kawin la, anniversary jumpa la etc.. we are just looking for reasons to celebrate kot..

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