13 August 2014

Not my fault!!

Ohmaigod.. Brape ribu photos dalam fon ini untuk di delete.. Ini terjadi setelah Numa mendapat monopod.. Kadang2 die pegang monopod je then pakcik die pegang shutter and clicked repeatedly for  zillions of times.. Kadang2 die letak monopod atas meja and die sendiri pegang shutter.. 

Seriously i tak ajar Numa buat #duckface ponnn bile selfie.. i guess that's primate's instinct laa.. So takle nak blame all the girls yang selfie with #duckface and #bajetkiut itu, it's coded! 

So who wanna take the job of screening these photos and delete the unwanted? But in most of them, Numa's expression is so priceless.. Every smirk,every smile..

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