24 April 2014

I Like This Job!!

How does it feel like being able to shop all day long?
This is my new job since my MC
All I need to do is shopping, with Mummy's credit card!!!!
(Of course with terms and conditions)

What happen is I'll just need to pick stuffs that i like and propose to the buyers
(Sounds soo business-woman - the buyers : Beya and Mummy and Makcik)
Because I'm the only one with plenty of time to do the search
So Adik, pls enjoy your 'receiving parcels' thrill for this coming few weeks


balqis awang dahlan said...

Gimme the list barang yang awak beli. So that I know berapa to expect. Kalau tak cukup I will have contact orang common desk.

s a r a h said...

Yg baju2 luluq a belom beli... Sbb Beya tak finalize lg.. Yg skrg tinggal aligner je tak sampai lg.