30 December 2011

need and neeeds...

everyday i'll manage to find things that i still neeeed to have
some ppl say that there's difference between needs and wants..
but knowing me, i can find a lot of ways to turn around the wants and become the needs!

hehe, and my most favourite pastime is making list!
list of OUR needs..(hehe my needs are OUR needs)..
at the moment..
we need...

babies! hehe ofcourse!
more bedding least kene ade 10 :)
more fluffy towels..
(stakat nih bedsheets n towels menumpang mami punye je kan )
more bookracks
a great desktop
two good and long lasting couple smartphones
more movies to watch

hmmm the lists will never end...
but alhamdulillah we managed to get through all this humbleness for almost ELEVEN months!

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