01 November 2011

i'm soo lost

this is the 1st time ever!
1st time i'm left alone while myhunnybunny krrroh krrrooh
might be because i'm the one who usually dozed off first
but tonight, i need to finish up my presentation
as usual, i hate them!
plus, i hate being awake alone like this...
but that hatred is nothing compared to this other uneasy feeling
uneasy feeling that my dreams are not coming true due to my tamakness
i have ssooo many dreams
they kept piling up everyday because none of them get crossed our from the list due to my laziness and tamakness
ok 1st thing 1st..
now, try to cook as frequent as i could so that we dont spend hundreds of ringgits on unhealthy dine-outs
then, try to admit that you are what you are
nothing can make your pore invisible
so stop putting hopes in all those so-called healthy drinks day i could be writing blog entries from my own dream house..

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