07 December 2010

Wishing Well

how i wish i am rich enough to entertain my parents leisurely as my graduation gift
how i wish i could drive them by the victorian coasts and enjoy the sceneries
how i wish i could take them to every single park and ride that i had been to
but there is only so much i can give..
people usually get things from other people for the graduation
but i think i need to do things the other way around
i owe my parents and family a lot for this ONE SCROLL
they have been my everything..everything!
but no, i am not rich enough
i am not rich enough, YET!
mami, baba, i will do my best to thank both of u..
as i think about this, my eyes cant stop raining..
both of you are my strength
i still remember few times i cried on the phone talking to u
i dont cry often
but i can still remember the few times i cried
the 1st one was in 2006 u went to UK and i couldnot call u
and i cried because i regretted having a half-hearted conversation when u called me
i was sleepy at that time and u r still wide awake in UK
i cried when i woke in the morning because i cant call u to tell u i was missing u
luckily u called me again the next evening and we both cant say much for the tears are pouring down heavily

then there was one time this year
i was soooo worried and unsettled thinking about how poor i was
and suddenly i was so unfortunate to get my windscreen bashed anonymously
and need to spend at least $400 on that
i am so flat-broke
i cried and cried and cried when i told u about this
but then u calm me down
u banked-in the money for me
i was soo guilty having u guys spending so much for me
because everything needs to be tripled in dollar
u calmed me down and said soothing words
'kok, Allah nak uji kita..kalau ujian nih masa kok ado duit, mesti kok tok terasa apa2..inilah tujuannya kok diuji skarang'
i was sobbing again 

if i have time, i'll write a book on ur parentings tales
sometimes Allah just want to show us the hard way for us to think
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for my mami and baba..

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