04 August 2010


i've beend doing some readings on the PCOS and fertility, so i need to be really strict to myself!

Things to avoid:

  1. coffee - caffeic acid was shown to lower blood glucose by raising insulin --> hyperinsulinaemia --> hyperandrogenism
  2. junk food - byk fructose --> worse than other sugars --> raise triglycerides
  3. fast foods/fried foods --> high saturated fat + trans fat
  4. high carb/high GI diet
basically kene betol2 makan sihat sometimes unavoidable la..minum coffee sbb ngantuk gile kat skolah..mkn fast food sbb tuh je yg available..nk mkn sayur mayu n fruits plak costly la kalo nk slalu g buat grocery shopping..

hmmm nape asyik blogging about problems eh?

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