12 June 2010

Lending a Cashmere Jacket in The Winter Peak Hours - unforgettable

life is soooo stressful right now
i think my brain is not working enough due to exhaustion of thinking too much about side problems..
my mind rarely goes wild seeing things around me these days..
that means i'm sooooo un reactive..
usually my mind couldnt stop criticising everything around me
anything at alll
but i'm more of a 'noble gas' right now; hence the emptiness of my blog

the only interesting thing happened around me was on the way back from the city after the dementia visit,
the train stopped at Carnegie for a while and suddenly they said that they will be there for a little longer because one of the passenger in front carriage collapsed and they were waiting for the ambulance
then we decided to get out from our carriage and have a look at the collapsed person
there were a huge crowd outside the carriage and few people doing something around a person who was lying on the floor
we dont know whether he's conscious or not
it will be different management if he's unconscious
there's one other med student with us asking around about the person's conscious level
but i was so put off by a bystander who said
'why do u need to ask that.. isnt that enough to know there's somebody sick on the floor..give him a privacy'
OMG kerek macik nih
ckp leklok bole tak
macik tuh tatau pon sape2 adelah sape kan
manela tau ade yg kami bole tolong ke ape kan
so budak tuh ckp 'we want to know because if tehre;s something we can help with'
n macik tuh kerek gile ckp 'there;s nothing u can do, there's already ppl helping him out there'
OMG (lg!!).. 1stly, we dont even know whether yg keliling org tuh tlg tuh ade medical bakcground ke tak
sbb ofkos la sume org akan tolong kan sbb that's ethics!
2ndly, macik tuh tatau pape jgn byk ckp bole tak.
but me and adlina sticked out for a little while longer
then they brough him out from the carriage so that the train could leave because it's peak hour 5pm and there'a already queue of trains behind us!
then other people get back into the train
we still stick around
he was soo cold and severely shivering  being outside
ofkos la! it's winter and he hadnot got thick jacket or anything because it has been used to alas the platform for him to lie
so i take off my thick cashmere long jacket and put it on him
and another bystander spare him his jacket as well
he was still shivering
we were still waiting for the ambulance to come
only 2 other people left
we stayed in case there;s a need for resuscitation or anything
i dont know how to describe the feeling of self accomplishments after lending a hand to the people in need
i know i didnt do much but the slightest care to stay is big enough for me if i was the patient
we did even let go few trains after that just to make sure he's alright
we hoppped on the train again after the paramedics arrived
the patient even said thanks
the other volunteer also said thanks
we rode the train with mixed feelings.
i'll never forget this experence.

(i dont even have time to explain about the patient's condition)
it's the feelings that counts.


Her Imperial Highness said...

oh myyyy!! this is so sweet!!!
huhu,sian p/cik tu,but i hope he recovered well n teringat jasa korang,hihi...

(lama xbaca ur blog,baru prasan,hehe)

s a r a h said...

ntah2 budak tuh adik..die baru lpas exam n tk mkn properly dh 3 hari study...hypo attack la kot..