03 April 2009

wish u were here

wish u were here.. wish today is not today.. tomorrow is not tomorrow.. time2 nih la kan sume bende nk jd.. charger patah and tinggalannye terlekat kat dlm lubang charger kat enpon tuh.. time2 nih la kan nk dugaaan sebesar2 ini.. yaAllah kuatkanlah aku.. mmg la kalo nk kire tk perlukan tempat mengadu lain slainNya. tp if only he's here now.. not literally here.. tp here to listen.. to console.. or to at least share the pain.. tp tuh laa.. i'm not selfish.. saye tanak kaco org lain.. lg2 time2 kenduri, time2 wiken nih la plak kan nk dpt news tuh..

i can only pray to Allah......

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