14 January 2009

surirumah di petang hari :p

With all of my heart I love you so.
But, I understand why you had to go.
In privacy my tears will flow.
But in your presence, I will not let them show.
Encouraging words I will always give,
Even when it's not what I feel.
My simple pledge is to be strong for you.
Is not this what friends are suppose to do?

bosan2 takde keje saye pon google aa ape2 yg patut, dulu saye mmg subscribe poems kat tp dah lame tk bace.. saye rase cam nk tdo ptg aa ptg nih, tp tangguh2 lg kerana saye masih ade 1 episod utk abiskan sume cite agnes monica ituuu :)) sblum abiskan tuh saye kene main game dulu. mmg la tk wajib, tp cam tk sng hati kalo tk main. hahahahha. tunggu dan lihat saye smpt tdo ptg atau tidak ini hari

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