01 October 2008

the raye that i despise the most this year turned out to be the raya that i did beraya2 sakan. altho was quite a bit murung in the morning, but then after halfway through the solat raye the idiopathic depression improved a bit and then it feels like it was never there. but then after 3 pm my depression came back and it even became worse. the inside and outside somewhat antagonizing each other. the outside wants to eat and eat and eat and posing and posing and posing, but at the same time the inside was throwing tantrums.
wuuuuuaaaa.. i tot this is the best raya. i need to rethink that statement, but it was still a great raya eve la. hope tomorrow things will get straight again.

am i pms-ing??? what's with all these hormonal nagging? *sigh* :(

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