25 September 2008


will i be able to resist the temptation of vipsale, midseason sale,winter sale etc next yr. but i surely in a desperate need to develop that immunity towards all sort of sales or even value pack offer if i dont want to get into any trouble.
i'm really looking fwd for next yr but nobody knows what lies ahead. i'm hoping for a perfect year, with a blissful ending ;). cant really announce it here(or even anywhre) because it 's still on hold. it's gonna be a tough year, but at the same time it can be purrfect!! amiin. maybe my blog will be more frequently updated since i'll be all alone.
had planned for it for months already but never had the courage to really think about the details, but something came up and i cant take it anymore. i'd rather leave than having my heart swells over things that are not supposed to be that way. gathered my strength to rationalise everything.. i'm not jsutifying what i did, but getting deeper involved can be a bad thing too... this is the way i deal with things, ppl can say i'm running away from problems but yes running away can also be the solution for certain things.

p/s: i do think i deserve happy days

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