07 February 2007

appalling event

arinih p bank utk bukak acc baru dlm maybank.the issue is.. why cant the ppl be more postive n not bersangka buruk kat org n perli2 without asking? i AM in a good mood now, but i tot i wanna write about it here. citenye camnih... i am not really familliar with the bank here(bkn nk blagak biase ngan bank kat oz, tp i feel waaay comfortable to go to any bank in oz even for the 1st time), so i just get into the queue and wait.before that my dad got me forms for 'bukak acc'. i'm not sure whether the form is the right one or not so i just wait til i get to the teller. at the counter the teller told me that he needed a copy of my driving licence n ic. so my dad went for the xerox stuff and i take a corner to fill in the forms.then, i get back into the queue,npody behind me...1 lady in front of i waited..then the teller asked me to sit first,maybe because he needed a while to finish up with the lady. after a while, there's a few ppl get into the line.but i still sit because i wanna wait for the teller to call me. then the teller call me after the lady is done and i went to the counter. but suddenly i heard a voice behind me.. 'ngelat sungguh.. tak beratur..'.. it was soooo ******.... then i pusing and say 'saye dah dtg awal td..'..tuh je yg mampu aku ckp.. then i just ignore him bcause of course i dont need to explain further to him if that would make a scene. in my heart at that time, i was so appalled with the guy's remark in that kind of situation. die igt aku suke ke potong org ke ape ke. he could have been more polite by taking it easy..not perli2..ckp elok2 ke..then i can explain. then to make it worse, i heard he told his friend sth like the teller mengorat2 aku when the teller had just started a conversation about the fact that my ic is 03 but the add is in trg n i live in mzms. hmmm.. what a jerk!! its' not that i wanna take this seriously, but imagine my feeling at that time. i think that's the one bad memory about 2006 summer,other than that, everything went well.

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